Who We Are

Superposition Fremont is a branch of the international non-profit organization, Superposition, that is dedicated to furthering students’ interests in STEM by providing educational opportunities through classes, speaker panels, and competitions. Superposition's goal is to empower women and underrepresented minorities in STEM field, which it has done by hosting the world's largest all women and non-binary hackathon in the Bay Area.

Our Partnerships

Superposition Fremont is proud to partner with student organizations around the world, including Superpositions Seoul, Calcutta, Surabaya, Gwalior, Columbia, Future of Gen Z, Hydrangea Hacks, Cosmic-us, as well as the American High School Competitive Computing Club. Our goal is to create connections around the world between organizations run by students for students, to promote youth leadership and roles in community outreach.

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