Challenge Guidelines:

Create an original project with your team(either newly found with students around the world or one made of people you know)
Participate in either the product design(digital or physical product) or scientific research categories, and have your project address the prompt of a world issue
Submit and have your projects reviewed by professionals in their field with the chance to win prizes and gain connections to mentors interested in your work
Participate in workshops and community building events throughout the two-week period, most held on discord to connect with fellow students internationally

Frequently Asked Questions

A stemathon is like a hackathon but with a wider range of fields—for the first iteration of the event, we will be covering two tracks—one in research and one in product design.

There will be two options within our research track which you can choose to follow. One is a research paper where we will have mentors/professors guide you in writing a research paper. This guidance will be provided via specific office hours, Discord discussions, or workshops. The other option will allow you to create your own research proposal. Both of these options will have you working with and learning from specialized professors.

The product design track will include CS elements and/or engineering elements. It’s a lot like a hackathon where you will be able to submit a project or program that you created whether it be a game, website, physical prototype, or other product of your creation!

We will be putting our schedule, Zoom links, and project submissions all on this live site!

No! This event is completely free; all costs are covered.

That’s okay! There will be a variety of workshops where you can learn from mentors who are specialized in that area of interest. No experience is necessary, all you need is an interest in the subject!

At the beginning of the 2-week challenge, there will be a space on Discord for you to meet new people and team up with people around the world, if you do not wish to form a team from people you know. Each team may only have a maximum of four members.

That’s ok too! Please register to get the Zoom link! However, only attendees who submit a final project will be eligible to receive prizes and possible swag.

Each group will submit one submission for their entire group. The submission location will be on the website—it will include the names of the team members, the github link, and the video to your pitch. Optional questions may include the responsibilities of the team members and the team dynamic.

That’s ok! You could still sign up and attend the duration of the event you are free for, and decide if you would like to submit a project at the end of the competition.

Zoom - Zoom is where we’re hosting the majority of our events. All Zoom events would be marked with the tag “Zoom” on our schedules, along with the link to the Zoom.
Download Zoom here if you haven’t already done so!
Discord - Discord is where we will have community bonding events, like game tournaments and little discussions. We will also be reminding you of Zoom meetings here. It is also where you can find potential teammates!

We’re proud to say we have attendees from USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, India, Korea, Brazil, Bangladesh, Canada, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, Czech Republic, and more!

Workshops video links will be posted on YouTube if the presenter is willing to and we will link it in the schedule!
Meetings that will not be recorded will be tagged as “not recorded” on our schedule.

If you miss a workshop, see the above question. As long as you registered for the workshop, you should have full access to the recording, so that you can watch it at any time!
If you are unable to video conference or audio call a mentor, please private message any mentor with the “PM” role on Discord, as these are mentors who have indicated that they are comfortable with being privately messaged and working with attendees outside of their office hours. They will be able to establish communications with you via email or Discord messaging, depending on what is easier for them.
However, because they are volunteering to do work outside of their designated office hours, please be respectful of their time and do not spam them with questions.
Please also be considerate of any time zone differences and do not contact a mentor at an inappropriate hour in their time zone. (Their time zone should be one of their roles on Discord.)
When contacting a mentor outside of their office, please do not expect an immediate response (give them 3-5 hours to respond).

Yes, our photo release form can be found here.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to reach out. See you at the Challenge!

Top Place Awards

1st Place Product Design

Winner: 'A Turtle's Journey'

→ $300 Amazon Gift Card ($75 each team member)

2nd Place Product Design

Winner: 'SpinDrip'

→ $200 Amazon Gift Card ($50 each team member)

Best Research Video

Winner: 'Pollution: Causes and Effects'

→ $200 Amazon Gift Card ($50 each team member)

Best Research Proposal

Winner: Could Bioremediation be the Solution to Climate Change?

→ $200 Amazon Gift Card ($50 each team member)

Other Categories

Most Sustainable

'How can we help decrease biodiversity loss worldwide?'

→ Takeya Actives Waterbottle

→ $50 Amazon Gift Card (for 1 team)

Best Pitch


→ JBL Portable Speaker

→ $50 Amazon Gift Card (for 1 team)

Best Solo


→ 1 HyperX Headset - ONLY US & CANADA

Best Duo

'How Can Seaweed be the Solution to Global Warming?'

→ 2 HyperX Headsets

Company Package Awards

Fans’ Favorite

Winner: 'Could Bioremediation be the Solution to Climate Change?'

→ 1-1 mentorship sessions with CEO of Leading Learners, Galicia Gordon. Individual or Team or Taskade Lifetime Upgrades

Best Web App Using Qoom's Platform

Winner: 'A Turtle's Journey'

→ 1-year Pro Plan package (1 per team, $140 value)

→ Invitation to Qoom Creator Group (12-week SW apprenticeship program)

→ Featured on Qoom Project Gallery

Best Design Using Sketch

→ Use Sketch platform for design + have 3 or less team members

→ Three $99 Sketch licenses

Wolfram Awards

→ Top 12 Teams (6 awards per track)

→ A year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition

→ 1-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro.


Alana Karen

Author and Director of Search Platforms at Google

Penny Morton

Project Engineer at Koolmill Systems

Stefania Kapsetaki

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Ismini A. Lymperi

Health Professional, Sociologist

Justice Yen

Software Engineer at Google

Sylvia Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University